100WC – Week #31 – wide, orange, crocodile, within, collapsed

My goal was to do more dialogue since I don’t do it a lot.

Sirilia and Jule stared at the wide cavern.

“Let’s go in!” she said jumping around.

“No, no!” Jule said worriedly.

Sirilia hit her arm half-heartedly. She danced towards the mouth and opened a chip bag. Jule sighed and glared at Sirilia. “Only for a moment. You got that?”

Sirilia nodded happily. Only a few steps later did they hear a growl. Jule moved her torch to the sound. She gasped. There lay a sleeping crocodile. With orange powdered fingers Sirilia poked him. Deep within his belly there was a rumble and as the crocodile opened his eye, the cave collapsed.

BTN – Fashion Waste







Fashion Waste

This article was about Australia buying to much cheap quality clothes because of trends which goes into landfill.

Throwing out unwanted clothes is actually a huge impact on the environment. Back in the old days, people only have a couple of outfits and when they fell apart they would recycle them but sewing them up again and again. Australia is the 2nd biggest consumer of fabric per person in the world. Each one of us buys an average of 27 kilos of clothing. Some clothing end up in 2nd hand shops but 85% end up in landfill. Clothing made from polyester can take up to 200 years to break down. Some people say we should think more about what we’re buying and whether it’s been made with good quality or buy fewer clothes of better quality. Others say it’s unlikely we’ll be able to break our “addiction” to the latest trends.

Do people realise how much throwing away clothes actually mean? Are people trying to make it better or just dismissing it?

I now know how clothes and landfill are so important and understand how to help.

100WC – Week #30 – …I just couldn’t eat something so…

My goal was to have different age groups rather than one. Instead of a bunch of adults or kids in this there is a family.


Felix gaped at the mush that once was a banana, reluctance clearly showing. Felix regarded me, baffled. I shook my head slightly. Mum scowled at me.

She picked up the spoon and said, “Here comes the airplane!” So in the normal baby ways…he threw a tantrum. His cries were so loud they pierced my ears. Mum looked stunned and Dad looked like he was asleep. I have no idea how he could with all the noise.

Honestly, if I was in the Felix’s spot then I would have done the same thing. I just couldn’t eat something so…sloppy, so mushy.

BTN – Shark Nets







Shark nets

This article was about how some surfers got bitten by sharks at different times but at the same place. They are resorting to nets but some of the public don’t like it.

17-year old Cooper was surfing at Ballina last school holidays when he was bitten on the leg by a 3.5 metre shark. Luckily there were no major injuries but a week later, it happened to another surfer at the same beach. Then it happened again near Byron Bay. Luckily, they were all okay. But now locals say it’s time to take action. So how do you protect people from these predators of the deep? Well that’s a question the state’s government’s been trying to answer for a while. They’ve been testing new technology including these special listening stations. They can detect tagged sharks within 500 metres and alert people around.It’s been using drones and little blimps to keep an eye out for sharks. It’s also put out smart drum lines. They’re baited hooks designed to lure and catch sharks, then alert authorities so the animals can be tagged and set free. But, after the latest attacks, the state government says it’s time to try another plan they’ve been working on – shark nets. There are already some along parts of the New South Wales coast. The nets stretch about 200 metres long, drop around 10 to 12 metres down and are placed about 500 metres away from shore. The idea is to stop sharks, and keep people on the other side safe. But that means sharks sometimes get tangled in the nets and die; so do other animals, including whales, dolphins, turtles, rays, some are even threatened species. That’s why some locals are against the idea. Instead they’d prefer more monitoring, and for people to remember the water is a shark’s habitat not ours. One local said: “Would you go to the wilds of Africa and set traps to kill every lion in the area, just so you could walk through the Savannah?” Although shark nets can reduce the risk of an attack, some marine experts say they don’t always work. The water can be too rough for the nets to stay up, or sharks can swim around them. But some locals say shark nets are worth a try if they could save lives this summer. The shark nets are set to rollout by the Christmas holidays and the state government says it’ll keep doing its best to protect people in the water.

I wonder why people think it is okay that we can walk into their home, their habitat and act like its ours? Why would people rather live their summer to the fullest with shark nets then save a bunch of animals (some are endangered)?

Even though I don’t agree with shark nets I can see why they would put them up.

100WC – #29 – the slime dripped through

Olivia snapped her eyes open.

Where am I?

She strained her ears, trying to hear a sign of some human society. She heard something.


She took quivering footsteps. Olivia couldn’t tell how long she had been walking towards the sound. Time was different here.


It was closer. Her eyes had adjusted ages ago She looked at the slimy stuff. Realisation dawned upon her, she looked up praying to be wrong.

The slime dripped through the roof. But it wasn’t slime…it was saliva.

Olivia let loose a scream as a nightmarish creature dropped down from the roof. It smiled.

100WC – #28 – *below*

My goal was to not have a real ending. To have a cliffhanger. Hope you like it! 😉

“Read me a story” I asked softly.

I wriggled into my blankets and closed my eyes. I heard her walk to the bookshelf and back to my bed. I opened my eyes and saw that she had her favourite book. The brown cover was strangely beautiful. She started to read. Words formed characters and places and then my favourite part came. Words become waves, sentences became the storm and paragraphs became the ship. A big pirate ship.

“How do you do make it real?” I asked for the millionth time.

She laughed and kissed my nose and left the room.

BTN – Coonalpyn Silo Art

This BTN was about a small town between Adelaide and Melbourne but hardly anyone stops by so they asked a Australian artist called Guido to come and do some of his famous giant murals.

Guido decided to feature local kids in his design. He said, “I think children represent an image of the future that I think’s quite positive and playful and that’s also very neutral.” After choosing his models, Guido started work on the silos by first striking up reference points that he compares to his smaller sketches. Then over the next few weeks he uses a forklift and a lot of spray paint to carefully complete the 35-metre-tall paintings. It’s now one of the largest and most complex murals in Australia. The atmosphere was described as “The hype around the town is exciting, everyone’s excited about it even the farmers who probably thought that public art would not make an impact are very impressed.”

Does Guido always gets his art how he wants it or does it sometimes turn out not that great? Is he always happy with his art?

I now realize and understand how much art can really  make an impact on a town or community.

100WC – Week #28 – *men walking through wall*

Let me be honest with you. I am kinda, sorta a…mutant. Mutants are hunted by the government because we are ‘flaws in the world.’ Anyway, I was at a museum, doing nothing wrong and a couple of these dudes were scouting the museum with deadly looking guns. I quickly hid behind a plant pot. Two of those guys came closer. 3 metres. 2. They turned their heads in a circle. When they saw nothing they casually blew yellow dust over each other and they turned into completely different clothing. The guns were gone. Then they calmly walked through the wall.

Θεέ μου


My goal was to not make the prompt about the main character. I usually do the prompt to the main characters view. So i changed it a bit. Hope you like it! 😛

BTN -not really- Anh Do








Anh Do


This YouTube video was about a refugee called Anh D0, who came from Vietnam and him and his family came to Australia.

At age 2, his family escaped from Vietnam and sailed for 5 days. Then they landed in Australia. There were two pirate attacks at one stage. Khoa Do, his brother was dangled over the edge of the ship. In the last minute, the pirate spares his life and threw him back to safety. Khoa Do was the 2005 Australian of the year. They were then picked up by a German Ship. They gave their father an axe and gave instructions. Anh didn’t speak German -even though his father did- so he had no idea what they were saying but basically they couldn’t save them unless they were sinking. So the father hacked holes in the ship. The first thing that happened when they arrived in Australia, some nuns gave them a bag of clothes but somewhere in the translation got mixed up so half were fora little boy and half were for a little girl. But they weren’t going to give them back, they had been through starvation, pirates and storms. So she dressed the younger one in the girls clothes.

When did the Do family land in Australia? Back then I thought that Australian’s were harsh to other races, had it changed or were they just welcomed well?

I know realise how tough it must have been to leave your home at age 2 and travel to a foreign country.

100WC – Week #27 – hard, beautiful, brown, worried, camera

The hard, wooden bird was sitting in my hand. It had been Grandma’s. The beautiful, cerulean paint was worn, leaving the brown wood underneath showing. She had given it to me when she was in hospital, minutes from the darkness that would consume her. I looked up to the board of photos. I was looking worried at the  scoops of ice-cream that wobbled. Another was where they were both dancing on the grass. I looked at another picture, where her grandma was opening  90th birthday present. It was a camera. She still remembered the tears of joy.

I miss you.