100WC – Week #41 – when all of a sudden

One day Henry came home and said a man tried to take and when Henry ran away he was angry. Later on I told him that I was going to the supermarket. His sister was at home. When I came back I heard struggling. I was halfway up the stairs when all of a sudden I heard a gunshot. A moment later there was a crack. I ran into the room…I was too late. Jane was huddled over a body, a bloodied man behind her. A bat lay near Jane. I prayed I was wrong but I saw my dead son Henry. 

BTN- War on Waste School







War on Waste School

This article was about Adelaide Primary School taking charge about Recycling after watching an inspiring video.

Australia used to be the best country when it came to waste but now we are one of the biggest waste producers with 41 million tonnes of rubbish created every year, which is 41,000,000,000 kilograms. They were asking a cafe to give a discount for people who brought in their own reusable cups instead of asking for a throw away one since it has a little bit of plastic in them. They also bought bags for the school to eliminate plastic. Plastic bags take years to break down but these ones that the school got are better.

Can they do anything else to help recycling and getting rid of plastic? Was the whole class in one this idea or was it just a couple of people?

I understand why they would want to make Australia a better recycler user.

100WC – (the picture is below)


The Picture

Goal: My goal was to leave more to the imagination. I want readers to ask questions instead of me giving the information (like our lesson on inferring).


The little girl was delighted. Everyone at the fair had to take one look at her face and they knew it was her first time at a fair. She then spotted the carousel. Her eyes widened. And she took a shaky step, looked back at her mother-who was grinning at her- and bolted toward the carousel. Luckily Lela was running it instead of Harry. As they got on, she stroked the horse’s neck. Out of nowhere the horse she touched came to life and a few moments later, all the other horses. The little girl waved goodbye with a smile.

BTN – Weedy Seadragon







This article was about how weedy sea dragons are becoming less and less easier to spot, and it’s not because of their camouflage.

15 kays from Sydney is where dragons live. Weedy seadragons are native to Australia and can be found in the ocean off the South and East coasts. They’re related to seahorses and they blend in with the kelp around them. Sadly rising sea temperatures are killing the kelp which leaves them without a home. Marine biologists have a plan to work out how many sea dragons are left. Instead of catching and tagging every seadragon they find, they’re asking citizen scientist divers off the coasts of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania to take photos of the creatures and send them in. The researchers are using a facial recognition software to identify each fish’s unique pattern. Weedy seadragons are classified as ‘near threatened’ but scientists think this research could provide enough information to have them re-listed as ‘endangered’. They say climate change could be a big part of the problem.

What is the difference between seahorses and seadragons? Do they have any protection against predators?

I now understand how much climate change is taking a toll on the world. 

Weedy Seadragons

Adaptation Prediction – The Spinifex Hopping Mouse

This term we are learning about adaptations. We were given a partner and a plant/animal. My partner was Sharnequa and our topic was The Spinifex Hopping Mouse. We had to write down a prediction and this is mine:

One adaptation from The Spinifex Hopping Mouse was its big ears, I don’t know if there for cooling down because of the big surface area or to listen predators. Another adaptation is with its lean legs they are good for jumping, that’s probably how it got its name and its long tail is good for balance when hopping, like kangaroos. I know it is a nocturnal animal so its black eyes are good for seeing in the dark and its whiskers are probably good for sensing things around it.

That is my prediction, please go to Sharequa’s blog (highlighted in green).

Link for pictures of The Spinifex Hopping Mouse!

100WC – Week #32 – *link below

Link to photo: Week #32

Goal: I wanted to do something at would happen in everyday life since I usually like doing supernatural things.

Ruby glared at me. She was always laughing but now she was furious. She gestured to the thing that I insisted was art.

“This is rubbish!”  she snarled.

This was a partner project and I wasn’t great with people. We argued and then tears formed in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” she wiped the tears away .

“We could try co-operating?”

I nodded and it was actually fun. The “piece” -what Ruby liked calling it- was a pair of hands holding a hamburger. After the lesson was over I held up my hand “Friends?” she grinned.

“Sure” she said with a hug.



BTN – Skinny Model Laws







Skinny Model Laws

This article was about models feeling pressure because they feel like they aren’t normals because sometimes they are retouched with photoshop and feel the need to be unhealthily skinny.

Even though some people are naturally skinny, trying to be skinnier can be lead to major health issues like dangerous eating habits. Experts say these images can have a bad effect, because they can make people think they need to look a certain way. But looking a certain way or being skinny isn’t always healthy, in fact, it isn’t even always realistic, because a lot of this stuff is digitally altered or photoshop. So, from now on, for a model to be eligible for a job there they have to have doctor’s certificate to prove they’re a healthy weight. If a company breaks the rules and hires a model without checking with the models doctor, they could face fines of up to 100 thousand dollars and staff could go into jail for up to six months.

In Australia, do people only hire skinny people? Does Australia have the same rule/law as France?

I know understand why in magazines and ads they are so unrealistic and plastic.

100WC – Week #31 – wide, orange, crocodile, within, collapsed

My goal was to do more dialogue since I don’t do it a lot.

Sirilia and Jule stared at the wide cavern.

“Let’s go in!” she said jumping around.

“No, no!” Jule said worriedly.

Sirilia hit her arm half-heartedly. She danced towards the mouth and opened a chip bag. Jule sighed and glared at Sirilia. “Only for a moment. You got that?”

Sirilia nodded happily. Only a few steps later did they hear a growl. Jule moved her torch to the sound. She gasped. There lay a sleeping crocodile. With orange powdered fingers Sirilia poked him. Deep within his belly there was a rumble and as the crocodile opened his eye, the cave collapsed.