Adaptation Prediction – The Spinifex Hopping Mouse

This term we are learning about adaptations. We were given a partner and a plant/animal. My partner was Sharnequa and our topic was The Spinifex Hopping Mouse. We had to write down a prediction and this is mine:

One adaptation from The Spinifex Hopping Mouse was its big ears, I don’t know if there for cooling down because of the big surface area or to listen predators. Another adaptation is with its lean legs they are good for jumping, that’s probably how it got its name and its long tail is good for balance when hopping, like kangaroos. I know it is a nocturnal animal so its black eyes are good for seeing in the dark and its whiskers are probably good for sensing things around it.

That is my prediction, please go to Sharequa’s blog (highlighted in green).

Link for pictures of The Spinifex Hopping Mouse!