Safer Internet Day

This session we learned about somethings on the internet. You should never meet up with somebody you met online, even though you might think they are danger-free. Don’t trust anyone that tries to contact you. You have no idea who they are. They are not cartoon villains, they look like normal people. Better Safe then sorry!

If you have any creepy or mean comments online, you report them or block them. If it gets worse tell a trusted adult. Even though there might be good people online, there are lots of bad people as well.

Coding and Programming – Session with Antony

Today, Antony taught me how to code and program. Coding and programming is basically computer language. Kinda. You give the machine or robot a series of instructions in code and if you do it correctly, the robot or machine did what you wanted it to do.  A person that used to sit next to me in class, showed me some stuff, but I didn’t really catch on. So when Ant did the lesson, it made sense. Antony explained that coding and programming is really important because it’s becoming a big part of our future and the robots and machines are way more efficient than humans. We should learn coding and programming because not a lot of schools have programming classes and it will encourage kids to try coding, you should also learn coding because it is important for our future.



What do I want to learn more about? – I want to learn more about brackets because they make things a lot easier when we were programming the robot. They interest me and it propels my curiosity for programming and coding even more.

What confuses or excites me? – The brackets confuse me a bit because sometimes I don’t know if I need them or not and sometimes I wonder if they are in the right place. Even though they confuse me, I would like to become comfortable with them,

How can MPPS improve their learning about coding? – I think MPPS would improve a lot if we could have a club sort of thing, and give the students the opportunity to learn more advanced coding and programming.


Click to go on Antony’s Blog

Youtube Video – Teaching astronomy and Space: Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon

The Greeks thought the Earth was at the center of the universe and when they saw the ‘wandering planets’ they made their models more complex and more difficult to follow, to try and fit their theory with reality. That theory was changed when 16th century Polish person called Nicolaus Copernicus and later affected by the German, Johannes Kepler, where they placed the sun in the center and not the Earth. Then, in the 17th century Italy, an astronomer called Galileo Galilei invented the telescope. He pointed it up at the night sky and then they could see the space in more detail. We now have gigantic telescopes that see so much better then the old ones.

Where did Galileo Galilei get the idea of a telescope? Where did Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler get the theory of the sun in the middle of the universe?

I understand why astronomers were so interested in space.

Cyber-Safety – Chat Reflection

They taught you about scamming, hacking and chain mails. For example, if someone gave you a chain mail, and you believed it and send it to other people, the hacker that sent it to you, would have your personal details and information. They also taught us that if someone is scamming you then you could report to the site, scam watch or acorn. For example, someone has copied a photo of yours you can block them.

We were doing scamming and reporting. Also we can use this information in case we get scammed or chain mail.

Something that they could improve on is talking and expanding on some of the questions.

Mount Alexander College Reflection

We went to Mount Alexander College for a science experiment day thing… Anyway, it was really fun, we learnt a lot of stuff. We got to touch the elephant toothpaste. My finger was red-pink for the whole day! 🙂 We learnt more about physical and chemical changes. Some of the students talked us through it instead of the teachers. I could tell they were nervous but they did a really good job. We saw a bunch of cool stuff including: elephant’s toothpaste, dry ice, chameleon, genie in a bottle and stuff like that. I really liked the school a lot. The guy showed us around the school.

Click here to go to the website to learn more!: Mount Alexander College Website



I want to gain confidence when speaking to others. I need to increase my remembering skills, I don’t know where I put things. For my confidence I could try speaking to my family to improve, I can put my things where they are supposed to go. I want to be more efficient with my work because I think I go into detail when I don’t need to. I should focus on my work and block out noise of other distractions so I concentrate. I want to improve on my writing content and make the book for the audience.


I feel like I can speak a bit more confidently to others but my legs still feel like jelly. I have a system to where I put my stuff. I put it in a reasonable place so I know where it is. I am more efficient because I know what is important and what isn’t. I definitely think I have completed focusing with my work. I don’t get distracted easily because if I want a good job then I have to work hard in school! I still need to work on writing for my audience because I still only write for my own joy.


I am not good but not bad. My maths goal is to improve on my 8’s, 7’s and 6’s. They are the tricky times tables for me. If I have a few seconds I probably could have figured it out but not straight away. I am really good at reading but I think I need to read different genres. I read adventure, action. But I have never read horror or romance or other stuff. I need to speak more confidently in front of people. I stutter and my legs feel like jelly. My hands shake. And I don’t feel too great.


I feel like I have completed all of my goals, but I think I have completed some more than others. For maths I did improve but I still struggle if you say do them off by heart. For my reading, I think I did really well. I read a lot of genres. I recently read I book series (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Highly Recommended!) and it was adventure, action, romance and horror all mixed into 3 books. I feel way more confident when speaking to audiences but I still wouldn’t volunteer if I had a choice and I want to work on it more to make sure I can be very confident when speaking to audiences.

I feel a lot better with my maths. I’m a lot more confident with it but I still need help sometimes. I don’t like maths but I try my best because I want to be really good at it. I can do times tables quicker than before but I can’t do it straight away. I have read heaps of different genres like fantasy, horror and magic. I am better at talking in front of crowds but I still feel terrible. I do not like being at the centre of attention and under pressure, because I don’t like people watching me.