Viscosity Liquids and Water

Introduction- This term we were doing chemistry for our integrated unit. To wrap up the end of the unit we did a science experiment. We had to conduct a experiment meaning we had to do: aim, prediction, procedure and stuff like that. The whole package. I did it with Ebony.

Aim- To investigate if different levels of viscosity effect mixing with water.

Hypothesis- We think the lower viscosity will mix better with water then higher viscosity because the thickness might slow the mixing and the lower viscosity will be thin, so it will be easy to mix with each other.


Observations- The chocolate syrup sank to the bottom. The chocolate syrup formed foam, not a lot, but some blotches here and there. When we mixed the liquids with the water some of them: the honey, were harder to stir because of their viscosity! We noticed that after a few days the honey lost its viscosity. The maple syrup did absolutely nothing. I think it did that because it didn’t have a high viscosity. It is lower than honey but higher than water. By a bit. The toothpaste was hard to get in the container. It didn’t even move. The highest viscosity material we had. The toothpaste turned into a white liquid and then after a few days- purple! It was a nightmare trying to put it in the beaker.

Science Pic 2                         Science Pic


The honey changed its viscosity level from thick to thin with the water, the chocolate syrup gained foam. But the toothpaste was the biggest and most positive

Our experiment was simple. Find out if the viscosity of a liquid effects
mixing with water! SIMPLE! It turned out the way we wanted it. Well… it turned out  the way we didn’t expect but it didn’t effect with our experiment. The
toothpaste turned white! WOW! Amazing! No, I’m kidding. The real surprise…ready? It. Turned. PURPLE! We did not see that coming.


Our experiment was effective because our experiment went exactly as predicted. It mixed with the purple. -Read the observation for more information

Maybe next time we could keep one liquid -like the honey- and change the water to something different. Like vinegar.Or change how much there is in the beaker. We could also investigate what is in water that made all the substances mix easier and if we changed the substances so it wasn’t viscosity levels but how squishy or malleability it is or maybe how transparent  something is.

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