Astronomy – The Solar System

This article was about the Solar System and in a couple of billion years Earth will cease to exist

On Jupiter, there is a storm called the “Great Red Spot.” It is three times as big as Earth. Jupiter also has 67 moons. Venus never cools below 437  degrees Celsius. Earth is the only place known to have life.

How can we explore Neptune if it is so cold? How can we go to Venus if it is so hot?

I understand how Jupiter pulls away the dangerous asteroids, that could have killed mankind a long time ago.


Literacy Circles – Word Watcher

The word watcher has to, when reading the text, choose 5 words that are unfamiliar to you – but you can figure them out from the story, used in an unusual way – have to look them up, interesting describing words, or words that puzzle you. Then, copy the exact sentence down. Then look up the word and include the part of speech. After all of that write your own sentence correctly using the word. You present your 5 words by reading them out in the sentence that includes the vocabulary word. And then write down your groups prediction of the word.


This article is about astronomy. It is about the Babylonians, Maya and the Ancient Greeks.

The Babylonians were very advanced astronomers because they had a way of writing so they could record massive volumes of astronomical observations, for which they created mathematical models. With mathematical models, they created calendars, which the can be used to record important things, throughout Babylonia, like business transactions. A man called Ptolemy had a system called the Ptolemaic system. His theory was that earth was in the center of the universe.

How did the Ancient Greeks find out about the earth on an angle? Why did Ptolemy think the earth was in the center of the universe.

I understand why the Babylonians, the Maya and the Ancient Greeks were so interested in space or astronomy.