Camp – Poetic/Descriptive Text

I stared at the magical, hypnotising fire. The colours so vibrant and warm, I could do nothing but stare and remember.

I remembered the cool breeze on my face. The salt that stung my eyes and stuck to my hair. The waves tickled my legs. Tempting me. I launched myself on the board. I paddled. Faster and faster. The caught me and pushed me forward. I pushed myself upright. The wind picked up and whipped my hair. Arms out. Legs steady. I felt free. I felt wild.

I was in abseiling now. I felt like I could do anything. A blink. I was in the water. Snorkelling. I felt brave. Another blink. Another breathe. The sand firm beneath my feet. My eyes were on the pitcher. I was playing cricket. It was free time. I hit the ball. I ran. As I got the stumps. I gulped down air. As I regained my breathe. Another blink. I was in the water. Splashing everyone. Somebody laughed. Somebody shrieked in delight as a big wave. Shirt soaking. Face dripping. I felt happy. I felt…content.

I closed my eyes breathing in the salty air. I opened them. I was back where I started. Staring at the fire. The fire crackled, telling me my story in a blink of an eye. The last night. I closed my eyes knowing the adventure was nearly over. I accepted it. Embraced it. Accepted it but not forgotten.

Eyes open. The landscape rushing past a blur of colours. I stared through the window.

It was sad to go. It seemed like a second home at the time. But I had a family and another home. Who I desperately wanted to see.

I closed my eyes. Smiling sadly.

Accepted but not forgotten.