Buddies Reflection

When I got chosen for a buddy I very was excited! I kept wondering who I would get. I was also very honoured to be chosen.

When the school Captains were about to read out the names, I basically held my breath. When she read out the name Victoria, I was happy because at least I know who she is.

Victoria was very confident when we were colouring in. When Kate and I asked questions she answered them. To be honest I don’t really thinks she needs me and Kate. She already has everything we were going to help teach. Victoria is caring, confident……and so on.

We had lots of fun with her and she is a fantastic prep.

I think Buddies is a great program. To help preps grow up and learn and to help 5/6 to be a good host.

Buddies Reflection

Victoria is my buddy. She is confident and she just didn’t know us very much back then so she didn’t talk to us but now she talks to us freely (Kind of).

When we were colouring in the buddy bear she was very confident and asked Sasha if she needed a pencil sharpener. Sasha said no, she had already found one but Victoria said okay and went back to colouring in.

We were eating lunch with Victoria and she started to look for her friend. She kept changing seats to look for her. We finally sat down and ate. We persuaded her to sit down and wait for her friend.

When the bell rang Kate had to rush of too volley ball training. I waited till Victoria had packed up and I said goodbye to her. Then she said goodbye to me.