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Anh Do


This YouTube video was about a refugee called Anh D0, who came from Vietnam and him and his family came to Australia.

At age 2, his family escaped from Vietnam and sailed for 5 days. Then they landed in Australia. There were two pirate attacks at one stage. Khoa Do, his brother was dangled over the edge of the ship. In the last minute, the pirate spares his life and threw him back to safety. Khoa Do was the 2005 Australian of the year. They were then picked up by a German Ship. They gave their father an axe and gave instructions. Anh didn’t speak German -even though his father did- so he had no idea what they were saying but basically they couldn’t save them unless they were sinking. So the father hacked holes in the ship. The first thing that happened when they arrived in Australia, some nuns gave them a bag of clothes but somewhere in the translation got mixed up so half were fora little boy and half were for a little girl. But they weren’t going to give them back, they had been through starvation, pirates and storms. So she dressed the younger one in the girls clothes.

When did the Do family land in Australia? Back then I thought that Australian’s were harsh to other races, had it changed or were they just welcomed well?

I know realise how tough it must have been to leave your home at age 2 and travel to a foreign country.

BTN/Splash – Federation Explained


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Federation Explained


This Splash video was about how they six colonies in Australia come together to make a nation or as we know it, the Commonwealth of Australia.

In 1642, a dutch explorer stumbled across Tasmania, if he had stayed, we might all be speaking dutch! Present Australia wasn’t like this always, in 1770 Captain James Cook claimed a big chunk of Australia and claimed it for Great Britain. The land didn’t actually become Australia until a lot later. At first there were only a bunch of colonies that the British had set up. By the 1850’s there were 6 colonies. They were sort of 6 different countries. But the big boss or the biggest was Great Britain. Even though they were in the same continent they each had there own defenses, trading policies and their own railway systems. At some point the colonies started to think about joining together to make one big country.But they were suspicious of each other. The colonies with the most people, NSW and Victoria were worried they would have to provide for they smaller, poorer colonies with lots of money. The smaller colonies were worried that the bigger colonies would have to much power. Eventually the more populated countries would each have the same amount of Senators, that way the smaller colonies wouldn’t be so out-numbered. On July the 9th 1900, Great Britain agreed to let the colonies go. January the 1st 1901 the colonies joined together to make one country or as the video put it one family. The Commonwealth of Australia. The territories were added later. But women couldn’t vote in Federal Elections until 1902 and Aboriginals couldn’t vote until 1962, they weren’t even officially counted in the population until 1971.

I now understand how Australia became it’s own country. I also understand that it was a long a complicated process.

Why could the Indigenous vote before be counted in the population? It’s like saying “You can help decide what is going to happen to our country but you are not officially ‘counted’.”


BTN – Convict Life


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Convict Life


This video was about two soldiers thinking that convicts had an easy life, but times were changing.


These two soldiers were liking the convict life. Assigned hours, agreed rates of pay and when they had done there time, they could apply for land grants. But times were changing. The governor as determined to make an example out if these two. So he steps in and makes the punishment a whole lot tougher. Frances Forbs was the first chief of Justice for NSW. The iron chains are torture. The prisoners could not stand or walk properly.

Why did he pick the soldiers to make an example? Was it them or was it just random?

I now understand a fraction of what they would have felt like in the chains.


BTN – First fleet/ The encounter


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First Fleet

The Encounter


These articles were about when the first fleet came and why, and when some aboriginals saw some white people.

In London in the 1700s, gaols (jail) were full of people; hungry, poor, unwanted. People that stole to survive. The city’s population had started to rise and mass poverty led to the rise of crime. The gaols were full and there was a problem with what to do with them all, they couldn’t hang them all! Transport was one solution. Britain had colonies in Africa and America, so they could send them there. But America rose against the English so it was no longer an option. The government looked to the land of New Holland and a place called New South Wales, claimed for England by Captain Cook in 1770. Eleven ships were sent, six were for convicts, two navy ships and three supply ships. More than 700 people were packed onto the ships, including around 17 children. Many were sick and malnourished when they boarded. Around 20 wouldn’t make the journey. The ships sailed from Portsmouth, England, on the 13th of May 1787. On the fifth of August they arrived at Rio De Janiero. Then they sailed to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. On the 19th of January the first ships arrived in Botany Bay.

Were the English and Aboriginals surprised to see each other? Did they avoid each other or were they curious?

I know understand how harsh it was in England. By law and money.

BTN – Space Rock

This article was about meteors, asteroids and comets. But, they asked us. What is the difference?

Comets are chunks of ice and dust which come from the cold, outer parts of the solar system. When they get close to the sun they melt and give off gas that we see as a spectacular glowing trail. Asteroids are usually made of rock or metal. Tens of thousands of them lie in an area called the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter but some travel closer to Earth. Meteoroids are smaller chunks of asteroids and millions of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day. When they do we call them meteors.

In the BTN, there was a meteor flying over Russia and apparently scientist believed there was a meteor flying over Russia a couple of years ago. What is going on outer space? Are the two meteors related?

I understand the difference between asteroids, meteors and comets.

BTN – Rugby Girls

This article was about when girls hit 12 years old they can’t play in mixed teams anymore.

At the moment, Grace plays with the Souths Rugby club in South Australia, as the only girl in her under 12s side, but starting from next year, she won’t be aloud to play with her team. The reason Grace can’t stay with her team, is because World Rugby doesn’t allow mixed teams after under 12s. In rugby-mad states like New South Wales and Queensland, it isn’t such a big deal because they have separate leagues for girls. But in places like SA, girls like Grace can miss out. States and territories around Australia are turning to Rugby Sevens to help bridge the gap because it can be played with fewer people. In SA, they recently started the Firebrands program with regular training sessions and the occasional interstate competition. While it’s not quite the same as having their own league, organisers say it’s a step in the right direction for union-mad girls like Grace. They’re hoping the success of Australia’s Sevens inspires more girls to get involved in rugby. So, eventually, all states have leagues for girls helping to produce more future stars like Grace’s hero Charlotte Caslick.

I understand how the firebrand program is working and I also understand how some people agree that because of gold for Australia’s girls rugby, it will inspire some girls to do rugby.

Why do we still have gender issues?

BTN – Pet Sales

This article was about puppy and kittens getting treated badly in some breeding places.

There are thousands of puppy and kitten breeders around Australia who sell animals directly to new owners or to pet shops. Although most breeders take good care of the animals until they’ve found a home, a few are doing the wrong thing. Recently, police and the RSPCA rescued 119 small dogs and six cats from a breeder in Victoria because they were being mistreated.  They breed lots of animals to sell and sometimes keep them in bad conditions, and the RSPCA says it’s been investigating more than 40 over the past year in Victoria alone. So now, the Victorian government’s decided to crack down on dodgy breeders. It wants to limit the number of breeding dogs and cats a business can have, and limit the number of litters those animals can have in a lifetime, so they don’t exist just to breed. It also wants Victoria to become the first Aussie state to ban the sale of puppies and kittens from all its pet stores, unless they come from a rescue shelter.

I understand the concern for the poor animals, and I like the laws make it a happier and safer place for puppies and kittens. But I also understand it is unfair for the GOOD breeders to be shut down because they reached the limit of litter or babies.

Why would ANYONE EVER want to treat animals badly? They are so sweet!

BTN – Moon Exploration

This article is about private space companies flying off to the moon with sometimes tourists.

Lots of private companies are making plans to lift off, whether it’s to take tourists on the trip of a lifetime, or to explore distant planets. Now, one private company called Moon Express has become the first to be given the green light from the US government to travel beyond Earth’s orbit. The business plans to land a robotic probe on the moon in 2017 to carry out experiments and, eventually, Moon Express also wants to set up a mine on the moon. It would collect minerals that are rare on earth like Tantalum, a strong metal used to make electronics, Helium-3 which could be used to create clean, efficient fuel. Back in the 1960, the United Nations created the Outer Space Treaty. Basically, it says that space belongs to everyone and any country can explore it, but people aren’t allowed to damage any part of the space environment and no one can use it to set up super weapons of mass destruction. But that treaty was made a long time ago and now people are starting to wonder how things like space mining would fit within the rules. Who would get the profits if technically no one owns the moon? What would happen if companies started damaging or contaminating planets? And would it contribute to the build up of space junk that’s already floating about out there from things like satellites and old missions?

I understand why you would be excited to go to the moon. Wouldn’t that be an experience! But I also understand that it is not air to just have a private company.

People die in space. Do the tourists know that?

BTN – Earthquakes : Haiti and Chile

This article is about two earthquakes two months apart in two different places!

One earthquake hits the island of Haiti. An estimated 250,000 people are killed and many more injured. A month later another earthquake, 500 times more powerful, hits the country of Chile, on the South American coast, it looks as though the toll from this disaster may only reach as high as 500 people. The Chilian earthquake hit. It only lasted around a minute, but during that time it released so much energy, it even changed the earth’s rotation very slightly. That energy also triggered a tsunami that swept across the whole pacific, but hit Chile like a ton of bricks.  The more reinforcing you have, the stronger your building and the less likely it is to collapse. Because Chile is situated in a ring of the world that experiences heaps of earthquakes, they’ve spent a lot of money making sure builders make their buildings extra strong and have rules in place to make sure they stay that way. But Haiti is a much poorer country and they have very few rules there on how buildings should be built. Weak building materials are used and houses are often built poorly.

I understand what they mean about reinforcing the buildings and stuff. I also understand the force and the energy.

Why don’t the richer countries help the poorer countries?

BTN/Splash ABC – Deadly Earthquakes hit New Zealand

This clip was about 2 earthquakes hitting New Zealand with six months in between, in 2011.

The earthquakes were caused because the Pacific and Australian plates rubbed together causing an earthquake. This was small and the measurement of it was 6.3. 6.3, what? No idea. 100 People killed and lots injured. There were a lot of eye witness. It would be so scary! Just seeing the church topple down! The next earthquake was bigger but caused less damage. It was measured to be about 7.1. Experts say that Australia could be hit by small earthquakes.

I understand why other countries and Australia would want to send in help. It was so terrible. And I also understand why citizens of New Zealand were so panicky and scared. I may not have been there but I saw the damage.

How long will it take to clear the mess and rebuild everything?