100WC – Week #42 – …but then the flash made me…

Hunger clawed my stomach.

Hunt. Kill. 

Those were the only words in my mind.

I bound into an open clearing.  There was a strange looking animal. It had no hair except on its head. Wispy, black hair. It’s gap filled mouth looked like a snarl turned upside down. It lifted a black square that I thought as harmless but then the flash made me jump. A noise came from it but…it didn’t sound angry. It started running toward me.

It pointed at itself then at a flower.

Her name was Flower? That moment that I knew what happiness feels like.

100WC – Week #41 – when all of a sudden

One day Henry came home and said a man tried to take and when Henry ran away he was angry. Later on I told him that I was going to the supermarket. His sister was at home. When I came back I heard struggling. I was halfway up the stairs when all of a sudden I heard a gunshot. A moment later there was a crack. I ran into the room…I was too late. Jane was huddled over a body, a bloodied man behind her. A bat lay near Jane. I prayed I was wrong but I saw my dead son Henry. 

100WC – (the picture is below)


The Picture

Goal: My goal was to leave more to the imagination. I want readers to ask questions instead of me giving the information (like our lesson on inferring).


The little girl was delighted. Everyone at the fair had to take one look at her face and they knew it was her first time at a fair. She then spotted the carousel. Her eyes widened. And she took a shaky step, looked back at her mother-who was grinning at her- and bolted toward the carousel. Luckily Lela was running it instead of Harry. As they got on, she stroked the horse’s neck. Out of nowhere the horse she touched came to life and a few moments later, all the other horses. The little girl waved goodbye with a smile.

100WC – Week #32 – *link below

Link to photo: Week #32

Goal: I wanted to do something at would happen in everyday life since I usually like doing supernatural things.

Ruby glared at me. She was always laughing but now she was furious. She gestured to the thing that I insisted was art.

“This is rubbish!”  she snarled.

This was a partner project and I wasn’t great with people. We argued and then tears formed in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” she wiped the tears away .

“We could try co-operating?”

I nodded and it was actually fun. The “piece” -what Ruby liked calling it- was a pair of hands holding a hamburger. After the lesson was over I held up my hand “Friends?” she grinned.

“Sure” she said with a hug.



100WC – Week #31 – wide, orange, crocodile, within, collapsed

My goal was to do more dialogue since I don’t do it a lot.

Sirilia and Jule stared at the wide cavern.

“Let’s go in!” she said jumping around.

“No, no!” Jule said worriedly.

Sirilia hit her arm half-heartedly. She danced towards the mouth and opened a chip bag. Jule sighed and glared at Sirilia. “Only for a moment. You got that?”

Sirilia nodded happily. Only a few steps later did they hear a growl. Jule moved her torch to the sound. She gasped. There lay a sleeping crocodile. With orange powdered fingers Sirilia poked him. Deep within his belly there was a rumble and as the crocodile opened his eye, the cave collapsed.

100WC – Week #30 – …I just couldn’t eat something so…

My goal was to have different age groups rather than one. Instead of a bunch of adults or kids in this there is a family.


Felix gaped at the mush that once was a banana, reluctance clearly showing. Felix regarded me, baffled. I shook my head slightly. Mum scowled at me.

She picked up the spoon and said, “Here comes the airplane!” So in the normal baby ways…he threw a tantrum. His cries were so loud they pierced my ears. Mum looked stunned and Dad looked like he was asleep. I have no idea how he could with all the noise.

Honestly, if I was in the Felix’s spot then I would have done the same thing. I just couldn’t eat something so…sloppy, so mushy.

100WC – #29 – the slime dripped through

Olivia snapped her eyes open.

Where am I?

She strained her ears, trying to hear a sign of some human society. She heard something.


She took quivering footsteps. Olivia couldn’t tell how long she had been walking towards the sound. Time was different here.


It was closer. Her eyes had adjusted ages ago She looked at the slimy stuff. Realisation dawned upon her, she looked up praying to be wrong.

The slime dripped through the roof. But it wasn’t slime…it was saliva.

Olivia let loose a scream as a nightmarish creature dropped down from the roof. It smiled.

100WC – #28 – *below*

My goal was to not have a real ending. To have a cliffhanger. Hope you like it! 😉

“Read me a story” I asked softly.

I wriggled into my blankets and closed my eyes. I heard her walk to the bookshelf and back to my bed. I opened my eyes and saw that she had her favourite book. The brown cover was strangely beautiful. She started to read. Words formed characters and places and then my favourite part came. Words become waves, sentences became the storm and paragraphs became the ship. A big pirate ship.

“How do you do make it real?” I asked for the millionth time.

She laughed and kissed my nose and left the room.

100WC – Week #28 – *men walking through wall*

Let me be honest with you. I am kinda, sorta a…mutant. Mutants are hunted by the government because we are ‘flaws in the world.’ Anyway, I was at a museum, doing nothing wrong and a couple of these dudes were scouting the museum with deadly looking guns. I quickly hid behind a plant pot. Two of those guys came closer. 3 metres. 2. They turned their heads in a circle. When they saw nothing they casually blew yellow dust over each other and they turned into completely different clothing. The guns were gone. Then they calmly walked through the wall.

Θεέ μου


My goal was to not make the prompt about the main character. I usually do the prompt to the main characters view. So i changed it a bit. Hope you like it! 😛

100WC – Week #27 – hard, beautiful, brown, worried, camera

The hard, wooden bird was sitting in my hand. It had been Grandma’s. The beautiful, cerulean paint was worn, leaving the brown wood underneath showing. She had given it to me when she was in hospital, minutes from the darkness that would consume her. I looked up to the board of photos. I was looking worried at the  scoops of ice-cream that wobbled. Another was where they were both dancing on the grass. I looked at another picture, where her grandma was opening  90th birthday present. It was a camera. She still remembered the tears of joy.

I miss you.