100WC – Week #30 – …I just couldn’t eat something so…

My goal was to have different age groups rather than one. Instead of a bunch of adults or kids in this there is a family.


Felix gaped at the mush that once was a banana, reluctance clearly showing. Felix regarded me, baffled. I shook my head slightly. Mum scowled at me.

She picked up the spoon and said, “Here comes the airplane!” So in the normal baby ways…he threw a tantrum. His cries were so loud they pierced my ears. Mum looked stunned and Dad looked like he was asleep. I have no idea how he could with all the noise.

Honestly, if I was in the Felix’s spot then I would have done the same thing. I just couldn’t eat something so…sloppy, so mushy.

100WC – #29 – the slime dripped through

Olivia snapped her eyes open.

Where am I?

She strained her ears, trying to hear a sign of some human society. She heard something.


She took quivering footsteps. Olivia couldn’t tell how long she had been walking towards the sound. Time was different here.


It was closer. Her eyes had adjusted ages ago She looked at the slimy stuff. Realisation dawned upon her, she looked up praying to be wrong.

The slime dripped through the roof. But it wasn’t slime…it was saliva.

Olivia let loose a scream as a nightmarish creature dropped down from the roof. It smiled.

100WC – #28 – *below*

My goal was to not have a real ending. To have a cliffhanger. Hope you like it! 😉

“Read me a story” I asked softly.

I wriggled into my blankets and closed my eyes. I heard her walk to the bookshelf and back to my bed. I opened my eyes and saw that she had her favourite book. The brown cover was strangely beautiful. She started to read. Words formed characters and places and then my favourite part came. Words become waves, sentences became the storm and paragraphs became the ship. A big pirate ship.

“How do you do make it real?” I asked for the millionth time.

She laughed and kissed my nose and left the room.

100WC – Week #28 – *men walking through wall*

Let me be honest with you. I am kinda, sorta a…mutant. Mutants are hunted by the government because we are ‘flaws in the world.’ Anyway, I was at a museum, doing nothing wrong and a couple of these dudes were scouting the museum with deadly looking guns. I quickly hid behind a plant pot. Two of those guys came closer. 3 metres. 2. They turned their heads in a circle. When they saw nothing they casually blew yellow dust over each other and they turned into completely different clothing. The guns were gone. Then they calmly walked through the wall.

Θεέ μου


My goal was to not make the prompt about the main character. I usually do the prompt to the main characters view. So i changed it a bit. Hope you like it! 😛

100WC – Week #27 – hard, beautiful, brown, worried, camera

The hard, wooden bird was sitting in my hand. It had been Grandma’s. The beautiful, cerulean paint was worn, leaving the brown wood underneath showing. She had given it to me when she was in hospital, minutes from the darkness that would consume her. I looked up to the board of photos. I was looking worried at the  scoops of ice-cream that wobbled. Another was where they were both dancing on the grass. I looked at another picture, where her grandma was opening  90th birthday present. It was a camera. She still remembered the tears of joy.

I miss you.

100WC – Week #26 – “but how can something so tiny”

I was curled up on the couch. A book discarded on my lap. Our wolf pup, Raelin was running around the carpet. The squealing, howling noise made her little sister, Juniper giggled. I watched Raelin. Her coat shone in the firelight. Raelin turned and noticed her shadow. She growled, moving protectively over to Juniper. She was like that. Different personalities for different people. Me, wild, fierce, adventures… Juniper however, protective, gentle, kind. Juniper laughed.

“Silly doggy!” she said grinning, “That’s your shadow!”

Raelin growled and started dancing around.

So tiny. But how can something so tiny make you so happy..?

100WC – Week #25 – “so that is why I am always last”

Daia walked to the glow of her house.

“Lucky Last” said Alair.

Daia grinned and she walked into the kitchen. The tap of her shoes were the only sound.

Someone grabbed her arm. Daia screamed. She felt a metal surface on her fore head. The door opened, Daia saw the horrified face of her sister. Alair picked up a kitchen knife and threw it. He pulled the trigger than fell to the floor. The knife in his throat. I was gone before the pain.

“Lucky last” Alair murmured.

Her name meant last.

And that is why I am always last…

100WC – Week #8 – …and I thought “well what a start”…

My goal was to write a story in a completely different world because when write, I usually write the story on earth. And I wanted it somewhere different.

The planet called  Neverakisia, is much like earth, only with more advanced technology. My name is Rose Pinewood and I am starting high school. I kinda wish Neverakisian’s wasn’t like Earth, because than we wouldn’t have to go to high school. And you know what made me hate school even more… I tripped, right in front of the principle and than when I went to the bathroom, someone had swapped the signs.So I went into the boys restrooms on accident. At lunch, I tripped (again) and spilled my water all over a girl and I thought… “well what a start”

100WC – #7 – *crowd cheering*

My goal was to write in a non-human perspective (WARNING!!! CRUEL AND GROSS WAY OF DEATH IN THIS TEXT!!!) 


Noise echoed around the stadium. It deafened Arnold’s ears. He shook his mane. He did the only rational thing, he roared louder than one thousand people cheering for death. The cage started rattling, the gate slowly opened. He strode over to the middle. He heavily armed warrior came roaring out of a dark tunnel. Anger blazed in his eyes. Not just anger, but the thrill to kill. He charged. Arnold swatted him, and walked slowly towards him. With a deafening roar, he ripped the mans head off. Arnold sat down. The crowd went wild with excitement and cheered loader.

100WC – Week #6 – a snow leopard, who collects stamps

There’s a myth that the smartest thing ever is a snow leopard. Not a man. He talks English, reads books and collects stamps. People say he lives in a mountain cave called Maroki. But he is depressed because of his lost apprentices. They were “freaks” you could say. A boy had midnight dark skin and the girl had ginger hair. The boy lived in a village full of blondes. Everyone hated him for being different except for his mother. Same with the girl. Because of his depression he hides, so he can’t hurt anyone else. His name is Arthur Mackendor.