100WC – Week #48 – so, what lies ahead of

I couldn’t believe I was finally getting married to Camilla. I wrung my hands together. I shouldn’t be nervous, this law change was needed. Cam’s family hadn’t met me yet because they lived overseas and while they did fly over here, they weren’t able to meet me. Hopefully their accepting? I quickly finger combed my hair and gripped my dress as I walked down the aisle. Surprised whispers flooded the room. After the shocked wedding, I gripped Camilla’s hand and whispered, “So, what lies ahead of this?”

She shrugged, “All I know is that I love you, Ruby.”


(Not part of 100WC) The Gay Marriage Vote is coming up and I fully support it even if I am too young to vote. Everyone I know is supporting gay marriage and you should to!

100WC – Week #47


“You know what happened on the weekend?” I asked my little brother, Mathy, “Me and Sally…you know that girl with the blondish hair?”

“The one you call you bestie?”

“Yeah, anyway me and Sally saw this huge shadow in the trees at the park and we followed it. It was making these huge noises and then we saw it and it looked like a huge dog but with wings and then it took two steps on the grass and jumped into the sky and flew away!”

Mathy thought about it. “Really?”

“…Nah!” I said.

“I knew it!” he shrieked happily.

100WC – Week #46 -then suddenly it went dark

Aonani swayed the torch. Cari glared at her.

“Stop it!” she hissed. Aonani rolled her eyes.

“Nothings going to happen.” But it didn’t help that Cari was on edge. She wasn’t usually scared of the dark. She loved the dark actually. They were exploring a cave they had never seen before.  She also didn’t really like physical touching.Which was why the next thing that happened surprised me so much. Cari’s hand grabbed Aonani’s as the torch flickered.

Cari stumbled and Aonani grabbed her collar to stop her from falling.

Cari’s eyes went wide, “Aonani-” and then suddenly it went dark.

100WC – Week #44

The image is here!

My best friend, Perci had a sense of humour. That was something I loved about her… she laughed all the time.

My favourite memories of us was in art class. We could paint whatever we wanted. Perci painted a seal and it was hilarious. The seal was on its side with its flippers clutching its stomach. It looked like it was laughing! Perci was a really good painter, so it looked real. We were giggling so bad!

Perci died of cancer two years later.

She’s like family to me. I miss her.

I love Perci so much.

Someday I’ll see her.

100WC – #43 – Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin


Scarlet looked over at Katie. The most annoying person ever. She was next to perform. She was waiting on a cushion with her violin. It was sparkly and bright purple. Ugh! Now, you’re probably wondering “Why is she so bad?”

Dad had finished watered the garden. We went out to the garden to play. I then heard a screech. I looked over to see Katie practising the violin. It went on for a while then she noticed me. She got in my face quick.

“Don’t you tell anyone about this or I will make your life hell.” She was nine.

100WC – Week #42 – …but then the flash made me…

Hunger clawed my stomach.

Hunt. Kill. 

Those were the only words in my mind.

I bound into an open clearing.  There was a strange looking animal. It had no hair except on its head. Wispy, black hair. It’s gap filled mouth looked like a snarl turned upside down. It lifted a black square that I thought as harmless but then the flash made me jump. A noise came from it but…it didn’t sound angry. It started running toward me.

It pointed at itself then at a flower.

Her name was Flower? That moment that I knew what happiness feels like.

100WC – Week #41 – when all of a sudden

One day Henry came home and said a man tried to take and when Henry ran away he was angry. Later on I told him that I was going to the supermarket. His sister was at home. When I came back I heard struggling. I was halfway up the stairs when all of a sudden I heard a gunshot. A moment later there was a crack. I ran into the room…I was too late. Jane was huddled over a body, a bloodied man behind her. A bat lay near Jane. I prayed I was wrong but I saw my dead son Henry. 

100WC – (the picture is below)


The Picture

Goal: My goal was to leave more to the imagination. I want readers to ask questions instead of me giving the information (like our lesson on inferring).


The little girl was delighted. Everyone at the fair had to take one look at her face and they knew it was her first time at a fair. She then spotted the carousel. Her eyes widened. And she took a shaky step, looked back at her mother-who was grinning at her- and bolted toward the carousel. Luckily Lela was running it instead of Harry. As they got on, she stroked the horse’s neck. Out of nowhere the horse she touched came to life and a few moments later, all the other horses. The little girl waved goodbye with a smile.

100WC – Week #32 – *link below

Link to photo: Week #32

Goal: I wanted to do something at would happen in everyday life since I usually like doing supernatural things.

Ruby glared at me. She was always laughing but now she was furious. She gestured to the thing that I insisted was art.

“This is rubbish!”  she snarled.

This was a partner project and I wasn’t great with people. We argued and then tears formed in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” she wiped the tears away .

“We could try co-operating?”

I nodded and it was actually fun. The “piece” -what Ruby liked calling it- was a pair of hands holding a hamburger. After the lesson was over I held up my hand “Friends?” she grinned.

“Sure” she said with a hug.



100WC – Week #31 – wide, orange, crocodile, within, collapsed

My goal was to do more dialogue since I don’t do it a lot.

Sirilia and Jule stared at the wide cavern.

“Let’s go in!” she said jumping around.

“No, no!” Jule said worriedly.

Sirilia hit her arm half-heartedly. She danced towards the mouth and opened a chip bag. Jule sighed and glared at Sirilia. “Only for a moment. You got that?”

Sirilia nodded happily. Only a few steps later did they hear a growl. Jule moved her torch to the sound. She gasped. There lay a sleeping crocodile. With orange powdered fingers Sirilia poked him. Deep within his belly there was a rumble and as the crocodile opened his eye, the cave collapsed.