100WC – Week #5 – but where would we hide it all?

Harper’s hands shook as she held her mother’s Treasure Box.

It had been eleven years since that conversation took place. She had been hiding in the cupboard unable to move.

“Take my treasures. They are too dangerous,” my mother whispered.

“But where would we hide it all, Millie? Not all of your treasures are in that box.”

I didn’t know who that man was. Harper opened the box and inside was a piece of paper. She unfolded it with and read it.

Seek out the man, my brave little warrior. You have gifts…he will explain. And please don’t hide in the cupboards!


One thought on “100WC – Week #5 – but where would we hide it all?

  1. Hi Indigo,
    I really like this 100 Word Challenge. It leaves the reader wondering at the end. I like the part where it says do not hide it in the cupboard because it made me laugh. It sounds like something from a script f a movie it’s so good. Good Job!

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