Poetry -I Am Me

I am the daughter who fights her parents,

but loves them to no end

I am the sister who comforts her brothers,

when thinking no one cares

I am the cousin who cherishes their laughs,

becoming less and less

I am the neice who is “logical” and “sensible,”

when really I’m insane

I am the grandaughter who is loud and quiet

and really they’re are quite right


I am me

And that’s all right

Don’t tell me who to be

Don’t tell me how to eat or talk

Don’t tell me what to see

Don’t tell me to be normal

Because that’s what I do

I will wear bright colours

And sing annoying songs

And laugh loudly

And skip the whole way long


I am me

And that’s all right

In every way I think

To be different is not so different

So I’m telling you

Be you

And I’ll be me

We’ll stick to that

Or otherwise

I might have to sing

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