Poetry – Footprints


An invisible friend,

A lonly memory,

A neglected guard,

Following, going where you go,


Hopeful, the young waiting,

Lost, the old fading



A neglected guard,

A lonley memory,

An invisible friend…



4 thoughts on “Poetry – Footprints

  1. Hi Palesky
    I like your poem. I like the repetition in the first verse and last verse. It also has a really good meaning about the footprints. \

  2. Hi Indigo! I think you wrote a very beautiful poem! I liked the repetition you used with the phrases “footprints…” “a neglected guard,” “a lonely memory,” “An invisible friend.”
    i liked this repetition because I think it rally started the poem and tied it up at the end! I could relate the start to the finish which made me remember it more!
    Great Job!

  3. Hi Indigo,
    I really like your poem because it makes it seem like the footsteps are actual people. I think that makes it very good.

  4. I really liked how you structured the poem. It made it very interesting. I also liked the way you used repetition. By doing that it made it very interesting.
    Keep it up

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