100WC – Week #2

Detective Saskia Green had received a call from the chief of police. A body was discovered at Thánatos Lake. When Saskia arrived she saw a crowd of police around someone.

“He was found with a chain around his arms to drown him. We took him out and tried to…” the chief stopped, “He was gone.”

The police let me through with…an apology? As I laid my gaze on the body I realised why. With platinum blonde hair and pine green eyes…Will Green…my baby brother.

I fell to my knees. I started to scream, screaming and pleading for him to wake.



2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #2

  1. Hi Palesky
    I really like this! It’s got death (which is my fave as you know) and it is really interesting.
    But you did switch from first person to second person halfway through the story which I don’t think was on purpose.
    But lovely

  2. Wow Indy….when I saw this prompt I thought it was funny…but you turned it on its head (pardon the pun) and made it truly tragic. What a surprising switch in tone
    great work

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