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This article was about electrical conductors and insulators and the guy that who was somehow connected to electricity with experiments.

That ‘guy’ was called Stephen Gray. At the charter house, he built a wooden frame and room the top beam, he hung two silk-rope swings. He also had a Hauksbee machine that generated static electricity. Usually with a large audience, he got one of the orphan boys, that lived there and they lay across on the swings. Stephen would then put some gold leaf in front of the boy, he then would generate electricity and he would charge the boy through a connecting rod. Gold leaf -and sometimes feathers- would fly to his hand. Stephen then found out that electricity could move. From the machine to the boy to his hands but the silk ropes stopped it.That meant that electricity could flow through some things but not others. This led him to divide the world into two different substances, conductors and insulators. Insulators held electrical charge in them so they could not let the electricity move, for example the silk or hair or glass or resin. Conductors let the electricity flow through them for example people and metal. You know those electrical pylons? They work the same principle. The wires are conductors, the glass and ceramic objects between the wire and metal of the pylon are insulators that stop electricity from leaking into the pylon and down into earth. 

Were the pylons materials inspired by Stephen Gray’s work? How long did it take Stephen Gray to have a finished experiment of the electricity? 

I understand how Stephen Gray made his machine and how the pylons work like his machine.

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