100WC – Week #48 – so, what lies ahead of

I couldn’t believe I was finally getting married to Camilla. I wrung my hands together. I shouldn’t be nervous, this law change was needed. Cam’s family hadn’t met me yet because they lived overseas and while they did fly over here, they weren’t able to meet me. Hopefully their accepting? I quickly finger combed my hair and gripped my dress as I walked down the aisle. Surprised whispers flooded the room. After the shocked wedding, I gripped Camilla’s hand and whispered, “So, what lies ahead of this?”

She shrugged, “All I know is that I love you, Ruby.”


(Not part of 100WC) The Gay Marriage Vote is coming up and I fully support it even if I am too young to vote. Everyone I know is supporting gay marriage and you should to!

3 thoughts on “100WC – Week #48 – so, what lies ahead of

  1. hi Palesky,
    Of course I love this 100wc because of the meaning. I think the way you incorporated the prompt into this, I thought it way very clever. And you made it sound like it was real in how you said like “Will they be accepting” because some people don’t accept gay marriage. 🙁
    Luv Pineleaf 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful thoughtful piece Indy. It’s lovely that this important issue inspired you to dedicate this piece to your caring beliefs. This is a very important issue, and one that young people probably should be able to vote on as it determines their future.
    Great work!

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