100WC – Week #47


“You know what happened on the weekend?” I asked my little brother, Mathy, “Me and Sally…you know that girl with the blondish hair?”

“The one you call you bestie?”

“Yeah, anyway me and Sally saw this huge shadow in the trees at the park and we followed it. It was making these huge noises and then we saw it and it looked like a huge dog but with wings and then it took two steps on the grass and jumped into the sky and flew away!”

Mathy thought about it. “Really?”

“…Nah!” I said.

“I knew it!” he shrieked happily.

One thought on “100WC – Week #47

  1. Really great work Indigo. I like how you started the story with a question and how it was actually a conversation that you would usually have between people.
    Splendid work (as always)

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