100WC – Week #44

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My best friend, Perci had a sense of humour. That was something I loved about her… she laughed all the time.

My favourite memories of us was in art class. We could paint whatever we wanted. Perci painted a seal and it was hilarious. The seal was on its side with its flippers clutching its stomach. It looked like it was laughing! Perci was a really good painter, so it looked real. We were giggling so bad!

Perci died of cancer two years later.

She’s like family to me. I miss her.

I love Perci so much.

Someday I’ll see her.

One thought on “100WC – Week #44

  1. Hi Indigo,
    First off, Perciiiiiii (aka percy my cat hehehehe)
    Second of all, I really like what you have written! You turned such a happy topic into such a sad one. I thought that was interesting how you made it conflict. But you started out happy.
    So I thought it was really cleaver!
    And you probably wont see this until you get back from band camp so… hope you had fun.
    This is really nice!
    Good job

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