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Ocean Floor Mapping


This article was about the missing MH370 and “The Fish” and, of course, ocean floor mapping.

On March 2014 an airplane heading to China from Malaysia went missing just under 30 minutes after take-off. After three years of searching, the case had been officially closed in January. But 4.7 million square kilometres of ocean was mapped in the biggest and most expensive aircraft search in history. It didn’t find the MH370 but it gave scientist’s a chance to map the seafloor. Most of our maps of the sea aren’t very detailed. We actually have more detailed maps for planets like Mars instead of the Ocean. We use satellites to give rough estimates but that isn’t enough to find a lost plane. This is where the “Fish” comes in. The Fish is a machine that sends sound waves to the bottom of the sea. Then a signal comes back. The strength of the signal tells us how deep it is and whether the ground is hard or soft. The Fish has helped map 700 thousand square kilometres of ocean floor. The data could help research in climate change and it can help predict when tsunamis will hit. But the mapped area is only 1% of Indian Ocean. 

Are there different models of The Fish? What are some theories of how the MH370 went missing?

I understand how The Fish can help map the Ocean floor.


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