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This article was about evidence on extinct animals found on Kangaroo Island.

The scientific name of the Tasmanian Tiger is Thylacinus cynocephalus. Apparently it basically means pouched dog with a wolf’s head. It was called that because it looked like a pouched dog with a wolf’s head. The thylacine went extinct almost 100 years ago. Experts say it died out because of hunting, loss of habitat and disease. Over time the Tasmanian Tiger has become sort of an Aussie mystery, the only reason because is that there’ve been thousands of reported sightings out in the wild. But none of those have been proven so it is near impossible it could still be alive.

Are there any other extinct animals on Kangaroo Island? Do people try to find evidence that the Tasmanian Tiger is still alive?

I understand that without rock hard evidence then no one can prove anything extinct is still alive.

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