Principal Day – Rebecca

Rebecca is our Vice Principal. If you, Reader, are the Rebecca we are talking about…hey! If you are some random person that is called Rebecca…hey! If your name isn’t Rebecca…hey!

For those who don’t know who Rebecca is, here is some stuff about her.

Rebecca is the sweetest person I know, she cares about what we are learning, she is so caring. Rebecca is helpful and so beautiful. No…not beautiful…gorgeous! Once I was sad and I went over to have chat with Rebecca about my violin. I don’t know if she realised I was sad but she smiled at me and it made me happy and when I said bye, she gave me a hug. Rebecca, if you don’t remember this then that’s okay. You helped me then and many times before and after that. There are many more things I can say about this (this post is already 156 words) but for now…

Thank you Rebecca!


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