100WC – Week #41 – when all of a sudden

One day Henry came home and said a man tried to take and when Henry ran away he was angry. Later on I told him that I was going to the supermarket. His sister was at home. When I came back I heard struggling. I was halfway up the stairs when all of a sudden I heard a gunshot. A moment later there was a crack. I ran into the room…I was too late. Jane was huddled over a body, a bloodied man behind her. A bat lay near Jane. I prayed I was wrong but I saw my dead son Henry. 

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #41 – when all of a sudden

  1. Hi Indigo,
    Intresting 100 WC this week… The first sentence kind of threw me off straight away when I read it. Double check your spelling and grammar at all times, because sometimes even if the sentence may make sense to you, someone else may be confused. I like how things kind of elscalated very quickly. At first he was just going to the super markert… and the BAM, someone is dead. Nice job this week Indigo.

  2. Hi Indigo,
    This was a really powerful piece and it was really well thought out, Well Done
    Ethan (My Name Is jeff )

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