100WC – (the picture is below)


The Picture

Goal: My goal was to leave more to the imagination. I want readers to ask questions instead of me giving the information (like our lesson on inferring).


The little girl was delighted. Everyone at the fair had to take one look at her face and they knew it was her first time at a fair. She then spotted the carousel. Her eyes widened. And she took a shaky step, looked back at her mother-who was grinning at her- and bolted toward the carousel. Luckily Lela was running it instead of Harry. As they got on, she stroked the horse’s neck. Out of nowhere the horse she touched came to life and a few moments later, all the other horses. The little girl waved goodbye with a smile.

One thought on “100WC – (the picture is below)

  1. Beautiful Indigo,
    By thinking carefully about your goal you have focussed this piece beautifully. In particular, the moment when the girl spots the carousel is brought to life superbly through observations of her actions.- Gorgeous!

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