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This article was about how weedy sea dragons are becoming less and less easier to spot, and it’s not because of their camouflage.

15 kays from Sydney is where dragons live. Weedy seadragons are native to Australia and can be found in the ocean off the South and East coasts. They’re related to seahorses and they blend in with the kelp around them. Sadly rising sea temperatures are killing the kelp which leaves them without a home. Marine biologists have a plan to work out how many sea dragons are left. Instead of catching and tagging every seadragon they find, they’re asking citizen scientist divers off the coasts of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania to take photos of the creatures and send them in. The researchers are using a facial recognition software to identify each fish’s unique pattern. Weedy seadragons are classified as ‘near threatened’ but scientists think this research could provide enough information to have them re-listed as ‘endangered’. They say climate change could be a big part of the problem.

What is the difference between seahorses and seadragons? Do they have any protection against predators?

I now understand how much climate change is taking a toll on the world. 

Weedy Seadragons

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