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Skinny Model Laws

This article was about models feeling pressure because they feel like they aren’t normals because sometimes they are retouched with photoshop and feel the need to be unhealthily skinny.

Even though some people are naturally skinny, trying to be skinnier can be lead to major health issues like dangerous eating habits. Experts say these images can have a bad effect, because they can make people think they need to look a certain way. But looking a certain way or being skinny isn’t always healthy, in fact, it isn’t even always realistic, because a lot of this stuff is digitally altered or photoshop. So, from now on, for a model to be eligible for a job there they have to have doctor’s certificate to prove they’re a healthy weight. If a company breaks the rules and hires a model without checking with the models doctor, they could face fines of up to 100 thousand dollars and staff could go into jail for up to six months.

In Australia, do people only hire skinny people? Does Australia have the same rule/law as France?

I know understand why in magazines and ads they are so unrealistic and plastic.

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