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Fashion Waste

This article was about Australia buying to much cheap quality clothes because of trends which goes into landfill.

Throwing out unwanted clothes is actually a huge impact on the environment. Back in the old days, people only have a couple of outfits and when they fell apart they would recycle them but sewing them up again and again. Australia is the 2nd biggest consumer of fabric per person in the world. Each one of us buys an average of 27 kilos of clothing. Some clothing end up in 2nd hand shops but 85% end up in landfill. Clothing made from polyester can take up to 200 years to break down. Some people say we should think more about what we’re buying and whether it’s been made with good quality or buy fewer clothes of better quality. Others say it’s unlikely we’ll be able to break our “addiction” to the latest trends.

Do people realise how much throwing away clothes actually mean? Are people trying to make it better or just dismissing it?

I now know how clothes and landfill are so important and understand how to help.

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