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Shark nets

This article was about how some surfers got bitten by sharks at different times but at the same place. They are resorting to nets but some of the public don’t like it.

17-year old Cooper was surfing at Ballina last school holidays when he was bitten on the leg by a 3.5 metre shark. Luckily there were no major injuries but a week later, it happened to another surfer at the same beach. Then it happened again near Byron Bay. Luckily, they were all okay. But now locals say it’s time to take action. So how do you protect people from these predators of the deep? Well that’s a question the state’s government’s been trying to answer for a while. They’ve been testing new technology including these special listening stations. They can detect tagged sharks within 500 metres and alert people around.It’s been using drones and little blimps to keep an eye out for sharks. It’s also put out smart drum lines. They’re baited hooks designed to lure and catch sharks, then alert authorities so the animals can be tagged and set free. But, after the latest attacks, the state government says it’s time to try another plan they’ve been working on – shark nets. There are already some along parts of the New South Wales coast. The nets stretch about 200 metres long, drop around 10 to 12 metres down and are placed about 500 metres away from shore. The idea is to stop sharks, and keep people on the other side safe. But that means sharks sometimes get tangled in the nets and die; so do other animals, including whales, dolphins, turtles, rays, some are even threatened species. That’s why some locals are against the idea. Instead they’d prefer more monitoring, and for people to remember the water is a shark’s habitat not ours. One local said: “Would you go to the wilds of Africa and set traps to kill every lion in the area, just so you could walk through the Savannah?” Although shark nets can reduce the risk of an attack, some marine experts say they don’t always work. The water can be too rough for the nets to stay up, or sharks can swim around them. But some locals say shark nets are worth a try if they could save lives this summer. The shark nets are set to rollout by the Christmas holidays and the state government says it’ll keep doing its best to protect people in the water.

I wonder why people think it is okay that we can walk into their home, their habitat and act like its ours? Why would people rather live their summer to the fullest with shark nets then save a bunch of animals (some are endangered)?

Even though I don’t agree with shark nets I can see why they would put them up.

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  1. Hi Palesky!
    I really like this BTN, shark nets are a serious matter. You included really interesting facts and was very interesting to read.
    Just maybe at the start, you don’t really need to name people as it is just a reflection on a video. Instead, maybe you could say “Last holidays, a surfer was bitten by a 3.5 metre shark, and a week later, it happened again!” But that sounds like they got bitten twice in a week but I think you get what I mean :). Hopefully :D.
    Great job!

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