100WC – #29 – the slime dripped through

Olivia snapped her eyes open.

Where am I?

She strained her ears, trying to hear a sign of some human society. She heard something.


She took quivering footsteps. Olivia couldn’t tell how long she had been walking towards the sound. Time was different here.


It was closer. Her eyes had adjusted ages ago She looked at the slimy stuff. Realisation dawned upon her, she looked up praying to be wrong.

The slime dripped through the roof. But it wasn’t slime…it was saliva.

Olivia let loose a scream as a nightmarish creature dropped down from the roof. It smiled.

One thought on “100WC – #29 – the slime dripped through

  1. Superbly creepy Indigo! Just the right amount of mystery, wonderful word choice and a brilliant build up to the final super-creepy reveal.
    The way you use conventions and sentence structure help to build the suspense here-using italics in sounds and questions to break up the piece. I adore the last 2 words- “It smiled”-PERFECT!

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