BTN – Coonalpyn Silo Art

This BTN was about a small town between Adelaide and Melbourne but hardly anyone stops by so they asked a Australian artist called Guido to come and do some of his famous giant murals.

Guido decided to feature local kids in his design. He said, “I think children represent an image of the future that I think’s quite positive and playful and that’s also very neutral.” After choosing his models, Guido started work on the silos by first striking up reference points that he compares to his smaller sketches. Then over the next few weeks he uses a forklift and a lot of spray paint to carefully complete the 35-metre-tall paintings. It’s now one of the largest and most complex murals in Australia. The atmosphere was described as “The hype around the town is exciting, everyone’s excited about it even the farmers who probably thought that public art would not make an impact are very impressed.”

Does Guido always gets his art how he wants it or does it sometimes turn out not that great? Is he always happy with his art?

I now realize and understand how much art can really  make an impact on a town or community.

One thought on “BTN – Coonalpyn Silo Art

  1. Indigo,
    this is a really lovely response to this article. Art has an amazing emotional impact on people that people often overlook. You have structured the piece clearly and feel you helped your audience really understand the spirit and important detail of the article.
    In future would you try to colour code your response and include a link to the article to make it easier for me to check things out.
    Great work,

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