100WC – #28 – *below*

My goal was to not have a real ending. To have a cliffhanger. Hope you like it! 😉

“Read me a story” I asked softly.

I wriggled into my blankets and closed my eyes. I heard her walk to the bookshelf and back to my bed. I opened my eyes and saw that she had her favourite book. The brown cover was strangely beautiful. She started to read. Words formed characters and places and then my favourite part came. Words become waves, sentences became the storm and paragraphs became the ship. A big pirate ship.

“How do you do make it real?” I asked for the millionth time.

She laughed and kissed my nose and left the room.

2 thoughts on “100WC – #28 – *below*

    • Thanks! I am really happy with my piece. I usually delete a bunch of stuff from the first thing I wrote to fit an ending.

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