100WC – Week #28 – *men walking through wall*

Let me be honest with you. I am kinda, sorta a…mutant. Mutants are hunted by the government because we are ‘flaws in the world.’ Anyway, I was at a museum, doing nothing wrong and a couple of these dudes were scouting the museum with deadly looking guns. I quickly hid behind a plant pot. Two of those guys came closer. 3 metres. 2. They turned their heads in a circle. When they saw nothing they casually blew yellow dust over each other and they turned into completely different clothing. The guns were gone. Then they calmly walked through the wall.

Θεέ μου


My goal was to not make the prompt about the main character. I usually do the prompt to the main characters view. So i changed it a bit. Hope you like it! 😛

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