SRC Letter

My name is Indigo and I think I would be a good SRC because I work well with others, I am a good leader and I am optimistic with every idea and take them all in to account.

I am a good leader because I love working with people. When I don’t have ideas, someone else has one that is really good! Also because I love hearing all the ideas that people bounce around the group. Working with people makes it more fun, easy and efficient. I always encourage ideas that other people are entertaining in their heads because it might turn out correct. I always keep the group in line when they are being or noisy or just distracted. Like I said before I like hearing other peoples ideas because I think everyone has a good idea and no one is wrong! I saw a quote once it stated – “I am never wrong, just different levels of right” – I believe that and follow it!

That is way I would be a good SRC!

Sincerely Indigo


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