2017 Letter

Hi Ant,

(or anyone that is reading this!)

I’m Indigo and I have been at our school for my whole school life. I absolutely LOVE reading, writing and listen to music while dancing. Some of my favourite songs are: Young Volcanoes, We are family, Love Myself, Stand by you, Better Place and Fight Song.  At home I can be a bit fierce and a hot-head. Hardly anyone knows that about me because in class I can be a bit shy and sweet and at the yard I can be load and happy.

I love to play games. It can take some convincing for me to get off. Sometimes I can have a bad attitude. I don’t care what anybody says about me because I know that if I don’t believe it, it is not true. I can be very stubborn sometimes. Once I have chosen something I don’t like to do something else.

I love my family very much, proof of that is when it is Christmas my favourite part is seeing my big (extended) family and when Jett is hurt or Kobe is upset I ask the person that told me and I go sprinting in the right direction. My mum, Claudia is a teacher for science and P.E at Albert Park Collage.

My dad, Corey does timetables and ICT at Bayside Collage. He also goes truck driving as a second job, mostly for fun.

My brother, Jett is in year 5. Jett and I are very close, so naturally we get into fights…a lot. But we both love each other and we both wished we were twins. Jett likes gaming but he also likes sports. He can be cheeky sometimes with me and Kobe, my younger brother.

Kobe is in year 1. He is adorable but very adult and mature for his age. He understands conversations that me and Jett might be having. He is also quite a gamer and loves spending time with Jett’s friends.

For our holiday, we went to the Murray River. It was awesome because it was hot and we swam for the whole 4 days we were there. Sadly, I don’t have photos but it was beautiful!

Something you might not know about me is that I stand up for people without thinking. If someone at school is being surrounded by people I automatically go to them see whats going on and usually stand up for the person. If someone is in trouble at home, I stand up for them. And strangely I stand up for myself. If someone is yelling at me.I yell back because I am usually right. And they usually admit I am right afterwards.

From Indigo

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