Coding and Programming – Session with Antony

Today, Antony taught me how to code and program. Coding and programming is basically computer language. Kinda. You give the machine or robot a series of instructions in code and if you do it correctly, the robot or machine did what you wanted it to do.  A person that used to sit next to me in class, showed me some stuff, but I didn’t really catch on. So when Ant did the lesson, it made sense. Antony explained that coding and programming is really important because it’s becoming a big part of our future and the robots and machines are way more efficient than humans. We should learn coding and programming because not a lot of schools have programming classes and it will encourage kids to try coding, you should also learn coding because it is important for our future.



What do I want to learn more about? – I want to learn more about brackets because they make things a lot easier when we were programming the robot. They interest me and it propels my curiosity for programming and coding even more.

What confuses or excites me? – The brackets confuse me a bit because sometimes I don’t know if I need them or not and sometimes I wonder if they are in the right place. Even though they confuse me, I would like to become comfortable with them,

How can MPPS improve their learning about coding? – I think MPPS would improve a lot if we could have a club sort of thing, and give the students the opportunity to learn more advanced coding and programming.


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