Term 3 Reflection – Natural Disasters

This term, our unit was natural disasters. We had to choose a natural disaster and write an information report about that natural disaster. Here are three facts I learnt:

Three things I found interesting about Natural Disasters is: One natural disaster can cause several others, earthquakes are caused by plates underneath the service of the ground and tsunamis aren’t waves, they are just a surge of water.

I understand why people fear natural disasters. I didn’t think much of it before but when I delved a bit deeper, I found out the real horrors. I also understand that natural disasters are truely random.

Some people say some natural disasters are human caused, is that true?


I want to use my knowledge to tell people outside of school, and make them acknowledge the dangers people are put through. The most important thing I learnt was that natural disasters are dangerous and they come in any form. I learnt all of this from constantly researching and thinking it over.

In the assessment matrix I think I covered it quite well. I did all that I could in the time limit. Summing up,I think I did quite well but I know I could of done the littlest bit better.

I think I completed some of my goals but like I said before I think I could have done better. To complete most of them, I tried my hardest to finish all of them but than again, no ones perfect.






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