BTN – Working in Defence

This article was about the Defence Force, encouraging young people to apply for The Navy, Army or Air Force.

All of these guys had to apply for a spot in this special program. It’s set up to show young Aussies that are interested in joining the military what it’s really like. The defence force hopes this program will help encourage more young people to enlist, something they need to reach their target of 62,000 employees by 2025. If these kids’ reactions are any guide, they’ll be able to count on a few extras from this group.

I understand why the defence force would want to encourage students to apply for the job. The said the needed more recruits, and I think this is the best way to encourage them. I also understand why there were a lot of students. I think being in the army/navy/air force would be pretty cool because you get to learn all these cooll skills and be there if you are needed.

The army and the other things are so interesting, why aren’t enough people applying?

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