School Camp – Greenhill – Canberra

We went to Canberra,

Oh, yes, we did,

It was a city afar,


We went to the wild,

for some camp fun,

and than I realized that I was just a child,


When we went to bed,

in our sleeping bags,

it occurred to us with dread


That we had to drag ourselves out of bed,

Cause in the morning,

we gotta see Ned,


Ned Kelly may be dead,

but he gives my the creeps,

“because of the bloodshed”


We went to Ned,

and Ned we saw,

“By Sydney Nola” I said,


Beautiful but simple,

Simple but beautiful,

nothing wrong not even a pimple,


Strolling through Parliament House,

very empty, it was,

not even a scuttling mouse,


We went to the room,

Senate and that,

After that, the beautiful moon,


We were very tired,

you could say,

and when we got home we shouted “Hooray!”

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