BTN – Seed Bank

This article was about protecting seeds from all over the world to save the future.

Because they are stored in the Arctic, they freeze their growth and can grow centuries later. If the gum tree dies then it would be gone forever. They are native to Australia. They won’t be back. Countries like Australia are going to add more seeds. Deep in the mountain, there are 865 thousand types of crop seeds. That includes seeds to grow wheat, barley, potatoes and almost 150 thousand types of rice! That is a lot of rice! Scientists say the vault is super important for a few reasons. Many useful kinds of plants aren’t being grown by farmers anymore and are becoming rare. Other plants could be wiped out by natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, climate change or even war.

I understand the idea of putting seeds somewhere to store them. It is a great idea! I also understand why everyone has agreed to this idea. It could mean a better future!

Why don’t the farmers grow the crops we need?

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