BTN – Pet Therapy

This BTN is about kids hanging out with animals -cats and dogs- to calm them down for exam time.

But, it’s not just cats. Experts say that hanging out with dogs and other animals, could have some real health benefits. It’s called animal therapy and it’s been going on in nursing homes and hospitals for years. The idea is that animals can help people who are stressed feel calmer, or give people who are lonely some companionship. Animal therapy can also help people with illnesses or disabilities. These dogs are being trained for people who have autism. It’s a condition that a lot of kids have and affects how people communicate and cope with changes. Some kids with autism can run off unexpectedly or get really anxious. So, these dogs are trained to find them and keep them calm. Some studies show that spending time with animals can even improve the way our hearts work, and even make us live longer! So, these cuddly cats could actually be helping these kids get through more than just their next exam.

I understand how people feel calmer around animals. When I am around my Nan and Pop’s dog, RJ, he is such an adorable little thing. Well, he isn’t little. He is actually quite big. But he just makes me so much calmer. I feel like I can pat him and talk to him about all my worries.

Why doesn’t every school have pets when they  have assignments?

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