100WC – Week #20 – …One man reading and one staring…

The restaurant behind Fredrick bustled with energy. Fredrick tried to read. After a few minutes a man sat next to him. He was old and had old fashioned clothes. HE seemed familiar but he couldn’t tell if he knew the man or not. Something clicked at the back of his head. The old man looked at Fredrick. Fredrick dropped his book.
“Hello, my son” rasped the man.
Fredrick gulped. His father was a murderer. Killed 200 people in his life.
“I have come to help you shape your path”
His father had come to help him be a killer”

Like I said last 100WC, I want to write something new. Something fresh. I did another horror. I think I won’t do horror next week and do something new.

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