I want to gain confidence when speaking to others. I need to increase my remembering skills, I don’t know where I put things. For my confidence I could try speaking to my family to improve, I can put my things where they are supposed to go. I want to be more efficient with my work because I think I go into detail when I don’t need to. I should focus on my work and block out noise of other distractions so I concentrate. I want to improve on my writing content and make the book for the audience.


I feel like I can speak a bit more confidently to others but my legs still feel like jelly. I have a system to where I put my stuff. I put it in a reasonable place so I know where it is. I am more efficient because I know what is important and what isn’t. I definitely think I have completed focusing with my work. I don’t get distracted easily because if I want a good job then I have to work hard in school! I still need to work on writing for my audience because I still only write for my own joy.


I am not good but not bad. My maths goal is to improve on my 8’s, 7’s and 6’s. They are the tricky times tables for me. If I have a few seconds I probably could have figured it out but not straight away. I am really good at reading but I think I need to read different genres. I read adventure, action. But I have never read horror or romance or other stuff. I need to speak more confidently in front of people. I stutter and my legs feel like jelly. My hands shake. And I don’t feel too great.


I feel like I have completed all of my goals, but I think I have completed some more than others. For maths I did improve but I still struggle if you say do them off by heart. For my reading, I think I did really well. I read a lot of genres. I recently read I book series (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Highly Recommended!) and it was adventure, action, romance and horror all mixed into 3 books. I feel way more confident when speaking to audiences but I still wouldn’t volunteer if I had a choice and I want to work on it more to make sure I can be very confident when speaking to audiences.

I feel a lot better with my maths. I’m a lot more confident with it but I still need help sometimes. I don’t like maths but I try my best because I want to be really good at it. I can do times tables quicker than before but I can’t do it straight away. I have read heaps of different genres like fantasy, horror and magic. I am better at talking in front of crowds but I still feel terrible. I do not like being at the centre of attention and under pressure, because I don’t like people watching me.

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