BTN – Microplastic Oceans

This article was about how we have tiny bits of plastic in the oceans! It was really upsetting for me because…well, you’ll find out.

85% of the plastic in the oceans are microplastic. Microplastic looks like food, so the wildlife eat them. And if we don’t get to them in time…they die. They are too small to filter out so we have to try a different method. Face washers have microplastic. In America they have decided to use seeds and other rough materials. But in Australia our biggest stores – Coles and Woolworths –  have refused to stop until 2017. So the solution is to not buy it at all! SAVE THE OCEAN!

I understand the urgency to help the wildlife – I am a real nature person – and it also hurts its predators…humans. I also understand how it only doesn’t hurt wildlife but humans as well.

Do you like the beach? Do you like swimming in the water on hot summers days? Well there won’t be much of a beach left if we don’t stop this almost invisible enemy.


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