Rebecca Scott – Values

Rebecca SCOTT was nominated for the LOCAL HERO award.

She showed CARE AND COMPASSION when she helped homeless and disadvantaged youth a pathway to education and long-term employment. She know has four cafe’s, a coffee roastery and a catering company.

Rebecca gave the homeless youth a second chance. She showed a FAIR GO while doing that. She wanted them to have a better life and to be treated how they wanted to be treated.

Rebecca somehow understood what was happening to all those young youths in the worlds and she wanted to help them. She showed a tremendous amount of  UNDERSTANDING when she did that. 

Rebecca had so much RESPONSIBILITY in her hands I wonder how she could even deal with it. But she did. She took all that weight and made it her own. Rebecca did well and she is still going.


Care and Compassion: RED

Fair go: PURPLE

Understanding: PINK

Responsibility: BLUE  

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