How to train a Night Fury

Materials: To train a dragon you must need:

v Large space e.g. Queens park

v Fish/food- water/lake/river/ocean

v Saddle

v Dragon (Night fury)

v 2 days

Method for your dragon to like you

  • Find a night fury
  • Lear it to a large space
  • Comfort it with fish and water
  • Put your saddle on your dragon
  • If your dragon goes wild calm it down with more fish
  • Move your hand close to his nose now look away
  • They will move their nose to your hand (hopefully) P.S. If your dragon bites your hand off it is not my fault!

Method to fly

  • Jump off a mountain or a cliff on your dragon
  • Let the dragon spread  its wings

YOU’RE FLYING! (The dragon is really not you)

Method to ATTACK!

  • set up at least 10 targets
  • make them look like berserks
  • tell your dragon that they can shoot their enemies
  • do the same except put the berserks  in the tree

Method for your dragon to get along with others

  • get your friend to train a dragon
  • put the dragons in an area
  • leave them there for a month
  • if it does not work repeat it again

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