My Autobiographay-4th piece in 2014

My name is Indigo. I have two brothers, Jett and Kobe. Jett is the elder brother. I have 12 cousins and 6 aunties and uncles on my Mums side and 3 aunties and uncles on my Dads side. Before I was born my Mum lived in England for a while.


We have heaps of fish. (As pets not as food) My favourite fish is Lucky. Lucky is a small fish. He is a little, spotty fish. I love him. I remember the time we got him. So, it all happened when dad, Jett, Kobe and I where at an ordinary pet shop. We were getting new fish. And dad was looking at some bright, orange fish Dad got two we named them Fred and Fredrina. Then Jett got a little white and orange fish he nipped the lady so Jett decided to called it Nippy.


Meanwhile I was playing with two kittens. Sadly I named them so I got attached to them there was a white kitten so I named it Snowy and there was a black stripy kitten and I named it Comet. Snowy wasn’t interested in me but Comet on the other hand was very interested, He was probably wondering what a giant like me was doing staring at him.


I finally got a fish. It was a small, spotty fish. I named it Lucky because it was going to be the luckiest fish I’ve ever known. Lucky is going to have a great life swimming in the fish tank with all the other fish. Kobe, my little brother chose two little, black fish. They looked a lot like a hammer head shark.


I would like to be a writer. I think stories are fantastic. I just adore reading. If not one, I would love to live on a farm. I would absolutely love to milk the cows, ride horses, watch the sheep flock and feel the warm freshly laid eggs. My wish was to live on a farm!  If not living on such a wonderful place you would find me travelling around Australia. Just like my grandparents. They always travelled around the world. When they come back they bring a present.


They come and see us when either were at home and need baby sitting or a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas, Easter or just a sleep over.


I love school! I get to see my friends. Miette and Jacinta are always there for me. I used to be struggling with math but I am getting used to math.


I also adore reading. My favourite type of book is adventure but I love animals just as much.

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