Holidays- First piece in 2014

I have been waiting so long to get here. I thought, as I jumped out of the car.  I quickly race to Milly. “Let’s go exploring” I say with a wide grin on my face. I ran back to Dad. Who was unloading the bikes. I grabbed my bike. I rode to where Milly waited patiently. We started to ride down the bumpy path as we got to the drop down toilets. We braked and one hand held our noses and the other gripped our bike. Milly and I rode deeper into the woods as we were riding a cute family of foxes crossed our path. An adult, one, two three babies and adult at the end. Milly turned back to camp. As we got there we dumped our bikes. Got changed into our bathers. We swam and splashed, Kobe ran out and said let’s play soccer. Kobe grabbed the nearest ball and rolled it. It rolled down the sand dunes. In the water. When the game ended we dried ourselves and ran back to camp.

I gave Milly the look and she read my eyes. I was about to get my bike when Jett said “Mum says I have to come” So I caught up with Milly and told her that Jett is going to tag along to our secret picnic. Milly gave Jett a stern look and so did I. We went to the most perfect spot, it was a big willow tree with bright wood and dark leaves. With a fallen tree over the lake. We had apples and cheese toasties. We climbed the willow tree and walked across the lake. I packed up and set off to camp.

We ate, we dressed. And the last sound was the sound of the owl and I drifted off to sleep.

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