100WC – Week #5 – but where would we hide it all?

Harper’s hands shook as she held her mother’s Treasure Box.

It had been eleven years since that conversation took place. She had been hiding in the cupboard unable to move.

“Take my treasures. They are too dangerous,” my mother whispered.

“But where would we hide it all, Millie? Not all of your treasures are in that box.”

I didn’t know who that man was. Harper opened the box and inside was a piece of paper. She unfolded it with and read it.

Seek out the man, my brave little warrior. You have gifts…he will explain. And please don’t hide in the cupboards!


Poetry -I Am Me

I am the daughter who fights her parents,

but loves them to no end

I am the sister who comforts her brothers,

when thinking no one cares

I am the cousin who cherishes their laughs,

becoming less and less

I am the neice who is “logical” and “sensible,”

when really I’m insane

I am the grandaughter who is loud and quiet

and really they’re are quite right


I am me

And that’s all right

Don’t tell me who to be

Don’t tell me how to eat or talk

Don’t tell me what to see

Don’t tell me to be normal

Because that’s what I do

I will wear bright colours

And sing annoying songs

And laugh loudly

And skip the whole way long


I am me

And that’s all right

In every way I think

To be different is not so different

So I’m telling you

Be you

And I’ll be me

We’ll stick to that

Or otherwise

I might have to sing

Poetry – I Am Home

First steps onto the rough sands

I am home.

Smelling the campfire an’ cooking meat

The murky water and rough sand meet, battling for dominance

 I am home.

Familiar sounds and smells,

Looks and tastes…

Why does this wonderland seem so lonely when we go?

You are home, the wind whispers

 Who keeps the snakes and rotten spiders away?

Your protector,

Your guardian, the trees whisper.

The kookaburras laughed as I realised the truth…

I am home.

100WC – Week #4 – flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Dear Reader,

G’day, my name’s Sydney but I feel I am going to have an interesting life so I wanted to record memoir my life.

My town celebrates New Year’s differently. We write stuff on paper- crushes, hopes, curses- and chuck them into the bonfire.

Well on that night I was with my best-friend, Kylie, swimming in the big lake when they lit the bonfire. The flame was an indigo colour and I think I saw a shadowy person retreat from the fire. It turned to me and it white, glowing eyes.

If anything interesting happens tomorrow then I’ll do another entry.

Bye Reader.


100WC – Week #3 – as the door slammed, I knew

Hazel and Reyna. Reyna and Hazel. The inseparable twins. Bestfriends at birth. The perfect match.

I was petting our pet cat, Garlic, when Reyna marched in our room. An army march. Which was obvious she was in the army.

“I’m going to fight in the war.” she blurted out.

“You’re not going to got!” I yelled, after a moment of shock.

“It’s my life Hazel!” she yelled, “I could make a difference!”

“No way!”

“I-I thought you would understand!”

She turned around and as the door slammed, I knew that I just might’ve lost her in more ways than one.


100WC – Week #2

Detective Saskia Green had received a call from the chief of police. A body was discovered at Thánatos Lake. When Saskia arrived she saw a crowd of police around someone.

“He was found with a chain around his arms to drown him. We took him out and tried to…” the chief stopped, “He was gone.”

The police let me through with…an apology? As I laid my gaze on the body I realised why. With platinum blonde hair and pine green eyes…Will Green…my baby brother.

I fell to my knees. I started to scream, screaming and pleading for him to wake.




Work and Study:

  1. I want to be good at different types of poetry
  2. I want to be better at reading timetables and mapping
  3. I want to have at least 5 poetry pieces I am proud of

List of examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  1. Exploring different types and trying everything I can
  2. Reading bus timetables when walking around, studying maps and asking my parents
  3. Think about what I am writing, find good words to use, write down any ideas in my book and draft/edit

Fun and Friendship:

  1. I want to be able to play with a variety of people and encourage others to do the same

List of examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  1. Invite people to play, go up to others and play with them and also convince others to join me


Next year I would like to learn about/get better at:

  1. To be more organised
  2. Make new friends (Going to High School Next Year)

100WC – Week #1 – Something precious to you – Term 4

The jade-coloured stone rested between my collar bones. Its warmth and memories gave me strength to march through the days with my head held high. Its engraved swirls looked like the ocean.

I found it in a little shop in Bright. They had different auras which helped with stuff. Like confidence or organisation. But I liked this little jade-coloured one. I don’t exactly remember what my aura thing was. It was either friendship or family. Whatever it was, I think it helped. Because whenever I am lonely or sad or angry…

I can think of that little shop in Bright.


Splash – Let the electricity flow







Electricity Stuff

This article was about electrical conductors and insulators and the guy that who was somehow connected to electricity with experiments.

That ‘guy’ was called Stephen Gray. At the charter house, he built a wooden frame and room the top beam, he hung two silk-rope swings. He also had a Hauksbee machine that generated static electricity. Usually with a large audience, he got one of the orphan boys, that lived there and they lay across on the swings. Stephen would then put some gold leaf in front of the boy, he then would generate electricity and he would charge the boy through a connecting rod. Gold leaf -and sometimes feathers- would fly to his hand. Stephen then found out that electricity could move. From the machine to the boy to his hands but the silk ropes stopped it.That meant that electricity could flow through some things but not others. This led him to divide the world into two different substances, conductors and insulators. Insulators held electrical charge in them so they could not let the electricity move, for example the silk or hair or glass or resin. Conductors let the electricity flow through them for example people and metal. You know those electrical pylons? They work the same principle. The wires are conductors, the glass and ceramic objects between the wire and metal of the pylon are insulators that stop electricity from leaking into the pylon and down into earth. 

Were the pylons materials inspired by Stephen Gray’s work? How long did it take Stephen Gray to have a finished experiment of the electricity? 

I understand how Stephen Gray made his machine and how the pylons work like his machine.